State House Report

Several important bills were brought before the House this week. I voted for H. 3893 ( relating to state educational standards including Common Core) back in April and it passed. It then went to the Senate where it was amended slightly, passed and returned to the House for concurrence. I voted to concur as did 79 other House members. The bill now goes to Gov. Haley’s desk for approval. This bill prohibits Federal “data mining” of our students’ information and makes it mandatory that any changes to the educational standards of SC schools must be approved by joint resolution of the General Assembly. This is a victory for those opposed to Common Core Standards!

The house passed H. 3945 – a huge Ethics Reform bill. The bill was passed earlier in the session, sent to the Senate, amended and returned to the House. There were amendments made and it passed unanimously. It now goes back to the Senate for concurrence. If passed there, it heads to the Governor’s desk for her consent. The bill has been lauded by many outside watchdog groups. you can check it out at

Lastly, today, the Senate passed H. 4262 (sponsored by me, Rep. Gambrell and Rep. Southard) naming the stretch of Hwy. 72 in the Calhoun Falls town limits the Chief Billy Haynie Memorial Highway.

About Craig Gagnon for S.C. House 11 (Abbeville and Anderson Counties)

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